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Hey guyss! Dani here :))

SO today i’m gonna tell you about an awesomely fun Halloween tradition called boo-ing!!

Boo-ing is just a simple and festive prelude to trick-or-treating. It begins on October 1st and continues throughout the month of October!


1. Prepare a “boo…


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A Poem by Lisa Cimorelli


I’m pretty sure a HUGE reason a lot of girls aren’t happy with their bodies is because they have the wrong fashion/style role models.

It’s an easy mistake! We’re so drawn to what we want to look like that we find the people who represent that and blindly follow them.

In the past year I’ve learned SO much about ways I can make myself like my appearance more on tougher days and I’m realizing IT’S ALL IN THE OUTFIT.

If you know exactly what your challenges are (legs, hips, arms, stomach, whatever it is that’s tricky to flatter on you) you need to ACKNOWLEDGE IT.

The people I looked up to when I was 15 for body image and clothing choices, whether I realized it or not, were COMPLETE opposites of me. I would try to look and dress like them thinking it would make me feel pretty but it made me feel so bad about myself when I couldn’t live up to it. It wasn’t their fault, it was mine!

There definitely are different body types. I’ve heard women usually lean toward curvy, muscular or thin. It doesn’t have to do with how much you weigh, it’s all about where and how your body stores fat.

Once I acknowledged my body AS IT WAS instead of how I wanted it to be, I started to notice other women who looked similar to me and watched what they wore to flatter their bodies.

I found more flattering pieces and took notes in my head of what worked and what didn’t (areas I can wear tighter things, areas that need to be more flowy, what shoes to wear with what bottoms, etc.) and now I feel SO much better about getting dressed and putting myself out there.

It’s soooooo important to find good style role models! That’s ONE area where celebrities are actually good haha because they almost always have stylists helping them pick clothes that flatter their bodies. I don’t like to show as much skin as a lot of people these days but it’s easy to work past that. For me, I pay attention to what works on people similar to me and then modify it to fit my values. Super easy!

Basically, Kim Kardashian isn’t gonna look good in Kate Moss’s clothes, Kate Moss isn’t gonna look good in Jennifer Aniston’s clothes, Jennifer Aniston isn’t gonna look good in Venus Williams clothes….. etc. And they don’t have to! They all have their own thing going on JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

We just gotta figure out what we are, EMBRACE IT, and work with it! It’s not as hard as you think once you open your mind, let go of all the things you think you have to be, and just start being what you ARE.

Hope this helps somebody!

xoxo - Lisa :)

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